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Welcome to the notary search page. The notary search below will only show notary agents that are members and have chosen to make their notary profiles available on the public search. Free listings are not shown. To become a member, visit your notary profile page and click the order link in the membership section.

We have over 23,000 notary agent profiles within and over the next 12 months, we hope many of them choose to be found in the list below. Simply enter a zip code to search for a notary based on proximity or switch to the advanced mode to search for a notary by name, city, or state.
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Background Search

How to use the Background Search:

You may enter 'Any' to find an agent with any background check. Or you may specify partial background provider names such as 'ABC,XY' to get both ABC Company and XYZ Company certifications.

The currently available background check providers are listed below.

• A Matter of Fact  (Agents on file: 1)
• Accurate Background Inc  (Agents on file: 16)
• Argus Services Inc  (Agents on file: 1)
• Ascertain
• Asurint
• Aurico Reports Inc  (Agents on file: 1)
• background  (Agents on file: 24)
• Backgrounds Online  (Agents on file: 152)
• Castle Branch Inc
• CBC Innovis  (Agents on file: 2)
• cFIRST  (Agents on file: 6)
• CORRA Group
• Crimcheck  (Agents on file: 96)
• Criminal Watchdog  (Agents on file: 1)
• Direct Screening  (Agents on file: 2)
• EmployeeScreenIQ  (Agents on file: 2)
• First Advantage  (Agents on file: 20)
• General Information Services  (Agents on file: 2)
• Global HR Research
• Hirease Inc  (Agents on file: 2)
• Hireright, Inc  (Agents on file: 3)
• HireSafe  (Agents on file: 1)
• HR Screening Services  (Agents on file: 1)
• LexisNexis  (Agents on file: 38)
• NNA  (Agents on file: 1580)
• Notary Public Background Check  (Agents on file: 254)
• OneSource  (Agents on file: 5)
• Orange Tree
• Other/Not-Listed  (Agents on file: 80)
• Owens OnLine
• peopleG2
• Protect My Ministry  (Agents on file: 1)
• Record Pros
• S2 Verify  (Agents on file: 10)
• Screening One  (Agents on file: 1)
• Securitec
• Sentry Link  (Agents on file: 43)
• SmartStart
• Sterling Infosystems  (Agents on file: 116)
• USAFACT, Inc  (Agents on file: 2)

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